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Our Routines and Activities


Daily Routine

The sessions are broken down into specific sections which are as follows;

  • The children self register when they come in and they have free choice of all the toys and activities on offer.
  • We then have group register where we choose snack and compile the daily calendar.
  • This is followed by Shake and Wake exercise where the children learn about the importance of good health and physical exercise.
  • The Outdoor Free flow area then can be accessed which provides a range of activities outdoors.
  • During the session practitioners lead a range of curriculum activities either indoors or out, these are tailored to the children’s ages and stages of development.
  • Snack: We provide a rolling snack time in form of a cafe style half way through the session.  Cafe style snack time aims to work towards achieving Ofsteds “continuous play” where the children are not made to pack away toys so that they can have snack but can choose to take a break from play when they are ready.  Children take turns to visit the cafe, where they can choose from a selection of healthy foods and pour their own drinks.  Water and milk are available.  Social eating helps a child learn about healthy eating and promotes independence through making choices and serving food and drink themselves.
  • After snack the children are encouraged to access outdoor play where a variety of structured activities are on offer.
  • At 12 noon the children sit down together to eat their pack lunched
  • The session ends with either group time story or action songs.